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Software OR Creating flow in your organization – which will improve customer delivery reliability sooner? 

You’re trying to improve your customer delivery and eliminate headaches throughout your process. You’ve tried some consulting in the past, maybe even a few lean tools, but everything feels a little soft.    You’re considering another more robust push for a new software solution to make things flow a little better. After all, there’s something appealing […]

The Duggan Difference: How To Build High Performance Operations In Your Company

Operational Excellence is a desirable state to reach for any company, and it’s not out of reach for any company, even those manufacturing large, expensive, time-consuming products with a complicated mix. But what does it take to achieve Operational Excellence? Chances are you have tried a few different ways before, but things always seem to […]

What is Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence is not easy to define. Some descriptions are too broad. Others set parameters so narrow that the ultimate definition seems too focused in scope. Often, we end up with definitions that seem plausible in an academic sense, such as “Being world class,” “Being the best globally,” or, “Excellence in everything we do,” but […]

What are the Benefits of Operational Excellence?

This may seem like a fairly straightforward question, but it’s not that easy to answer since how we describe the benefits of Operational Excellence cuts to the heart of how we think about our manufacturing operations and their relationship to business growth. All the operational benefits we normally associate with continuous improvement dramatically improve once […]

Your Mix Is Your Competitive Advantage: How to Leverage Product Families To Establish Flow In Your Production Process

The point of embarking on a lean or Operational Excellence initiative is to grow the business and sell more products at a lower cost. To accomplish this, we focus our efforts on flowing value to the customer with as little waste as possible. Here, think of waste as anything that disrupts flow. In other words, […]

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