Operational Excellence

“Where each and every employee can see the flow of value to the customer, and fix that flow before it breaks down.”  – Kevin Duggan

What is Operational Excellence?

Here we break down the difference between speeding up segments of your process vs. creating a consistent flow that delivers to your customer on-time, every time.

Your Buyer Guide

A step-by-step guide to identifying the best fit operations partner

Operational Excellence with Duggan Associates:

Your company only has so much bandwidth and resources to deploy at a given time. Do you want them spending time chasing product, expediting processes, wasting time in meetings, all just to get the product out?

Or do you want them to spend that time developing and innovating new products? The choice is yours.

We teach you how to do the second one.

The Results of a Duggan Engagements

  • Strengthen your OpEx approach
  • Improve reliability of value stream performance
  • How to handle Mixed Model
  • Increase profitability & drive more growth
  • Increase front-office focus on innovation
  • Deliver on-time to all your customers, every time

Duggan Capabilities

Operational Excellence with Duggan means we design a destination for your business, based on our proprietary approach, and then teach you how to get there.  

During this transformation we will run formal education at all levels of the organization, teaching leaders how to successfully guide the business through the transformation, and teaching team members the skills to make it happen. 

This is substantiated with a detailed implementation & coaching plan to ensure you reach your destination. 

Operational Excellence with Duggan results in the deployment of autonomous self-healing flow across all value streams in your operations and in supporting functions in your office.


This will result in a more autonomous and productive value stream and will free management to work on growing the business.

As a part of this transformation to Operational Excellence, our clients will be able to guarantee turnaround times for their value stream flow, making it possible to promise delivery dates to customers and always hit them. 

“When we’re done with this, each employee will be able to see the flow of value to the customer and fix that flow before it breaks down.”

– Kevin Duggan  


Not sure where to start?

Start with our 2-day assessment to clarify how Operational Excellence can be deployed at your business.

What does a Duggan assessment deliver to you?

  • Determine your destination and goals as a business
  • Analyze your process and plant layout 
  • Analyze your flow of information
  • Develop your product families to define value streams

Clarify your next steps without committing to a long-term engagement with Duggan

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Operational Excellence

What is it?
How does it help?
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The Benefits of Operational Excellence

See what you can expect in the course of a 6-month engagement with Duggan

Product Families & Mixed Model Value Streams

Simplify and organize your complex business into a structured process all personnel understand

Your Buyer Guide

A step-by-step guide to identifying the best fit operations partner


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  • “It’s really focused on customers; it’s focused on markets; it’s focused on strategy. Operations get times, it’s not ignored. It’s not like we don’t want to talk about it. It’s that we don’t have to talk about it.”
    Jim Miller, Vice President of Operations and Plasma Businesses at Hypertherm
  • "Tim spent three days with us to teach us Operational Excellence in the office methods, and help us apply them to one of our core value streams ... But by the third day, the team was fully sold on the ideas and extremely motivated to make the changes happen immediately. This is a credit to the OpEx methods and particularly to the way Tim taught with a no-nonsense approach, answered difficult questions, and guided the team to the future state value stream design and action plan."
    Remi Guillemette Business Processes & Continuous Improvement Manager at CAE Australia Pty Ltd
  • "I have utilized Kevin Duggan at various times over the last 15 years, first at United Technologies Corporation and now at my current company FMC Technologies. He demonstrates a very high level of competency in all things lean and Operational Excellence, is very articulate and knows how to engage an audience. With his expertise and presentation style, he has my highest recommendation for corporate training and conference keynoting!"
    John Boyd Senior Vice President Global Products at TechnipFMC

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