About Duggan Associates

At Duggan Associates, we take traditional lean training further with advanced courses, academic resources, and hands-on support to transform the way global organizations operate, at every level, in every area from complex manufacturing environments to the office. The result? An evolution from continuous improvement to continuous business growth through achieving Operational Excellence.

To get there, Duggan Associates offers each organization a customized roadmap supported by formal training and hands-on implementation assistance to show employees how to create self-healing flow. Everyone can tell if the flow is normal or abnormal and, if it becomes abnormal, employees who work in the flow can repair it before it impacts the customer – all without assistance from management.

Not only do Duggan Associates’ clients achieve shorter lead times, increased cash flow, high quality, on-time delivery, and lower inventory, they also learn how to leverage their operation to achieve top-line business growth.

That’s the Operational Excellence difference: once management’s freed from running the business, they can focus on growing it.


Our Process is Different

Most consulting firms run expensive Gap Analysis to tell you things you already know. Then create Lightning or Tiger teams and drive you into endless continuous improvement events.

This is a great way for consulting firms to generate revenue by continually making spot improvements week after week.

But, this is not good for you because this strategy doesn’t have a destination a company can work toward.

Their approach is touted as a “continuous improvement journey,” so they can continuously bill you since there’s technically not an ‘end state’ that signifies you’ve achieved your goals.


Our Leadership Team

We lead a team of 20 Associates in the field, covering North and South America, Asia, and Europe. We also have 2 dedicated team members located in Europe. We speak multiple languages for added convenience and effectiveness, including: English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.

Kevin Duggan

Kevin J. Duggan


Kevin J. Duggan is a renowned expert in transforming organizations into high-performance companies and the author of four books on the subject: Design for Operational Excellence: A Breakthrough Strategy for Business Growth, Creating Mixed Model Value Streams, Operational Excellence in Your Office: A Guide to Achieving Autonomous Value Stream Flow with Lean Techniques and Beyond the Lean Office: A Novel on Progressing from Lean Tools to Operational Excellence.  He is also the Founder of the Institute for Operational Excellence, the leading educational center on Operational Excellence. Kevin has assisted many major corporations worldwide in designing seamless customer delivery systems that meet expectations every time, including General Dynamics, FMC Technologies, Chromalloy, Aetna, SpaceX, Caterpillar, Pratt & Whitney, Singapore Airlines, Sikorsky, IDEX Corporation, and Parker Hannifin. A recognized expert on organizational transformations, Kevin is a frequent keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, and panelist at international conferences, and has appeared on CNN and the Fox Business Network.

Bruno Daniel

Bruno Daniel, MBA

Senior Director – Project Execution

Bruno Daniel has assisted many global organizations in operational transformations, including FMC Technologies, Chromalloy, SpaceX, Cincinnati Incorporated, and General Dynamics through advanced lean techniques and the principles of Operational Excellence to implement transformative programs. Previously, he was a Lean Manufacturing Leader for JTEKT North America Corporation, managing improvement projects at all of the company’s North American facilities, and Lean Manufacturing Specialist for The Timken Company, where he taught and implemented lean principles at facilities globally. He began his 18-plus-year career in the industry as an Engineer Trainee in Brazil both with Alcoa and FCI Electronics. Bruno received his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Centro Universitário do Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia and an MBA from Ibmec and Fundação Getulio Vargas.

Lewis Montgomery

Lewis Montgomery


Lewis Montgomery has over thirty years’ experience in implementing Operational Excellence. He is a renowned leadership coach, working one-on-one with senior managers to prepare them to lead in their new lean environment, and has also worked within all functions in the automotive, industrial, electronic, and aerospace sectors. He has diverse experience throughout many areas of the aerospace industry, including engines, structures, components, interiors, and C checks. His expertise lies in applying lean concepts in complex OEM and MRO aerospace environments within manufacturing and assembly areas for commercial and military suppliers. Almost 100 companies have benefited from Lewis’s guidance, including global organizations such as Sikorsky, United Airlines, GKN, Parker, FMC Technologies, and Pratt & Whitney.

Tim Healey

Tim Healey

Vice President

Tim Healey specializes in teaching the principles of Operational Excellence in the business process sector in areas such as product development, finance, HR, engineering, and marketing. He is the co-author of the book Operational Excellence in Your Office: A Guide to Achieving Autonomous Value Stream Flow with Lean Techniques, has been published in Quality Digest and the Lean Management Journal, and is a frequent speaker on lean office topics at conferences such as IIE Annual Conference, the Mid-Atlantic Lean Conference, and the Institute for Operational Excellence’s OpEx In Your Office live training workshop. Tim has worked globally with organizations such as Parker Hannifin, United Technologies Corporation, Bayer Healthcare, and Curtiss-Wright. Prior to joining Duggan Associates, Tim served as national business manager for H.J. Heinz in Sydney and as a brand manager for British American Tobacco.

Mike Maxon

Director – EMEA

Michael Maxon has spent most of his career successfully improving international businesses. He has transformed industries such as MRO, defense, motorsports, medical products, automotive and aerospace. Companies he has assisted include Singapore Airlines, M1, Sikorsky, Lockheed, Siemens, Parker, Cartech, United Rentals, and Spectrum Plastics, by implementing advanced lean principles to significantly improve complex customer delivery systems. Michael’s passion for coaching lean skills has led companies to improve business results enabling them to profitably grow. Michael began his career at GKN where he spent over twenty years working in global Operational Excellence roles. Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, as well as a Masters in Integrated Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University.

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