Operations Improvement for the Aerospace Industry

We’re operations specialists that eliminate on-time delivery issues and promote operational excellence

Aerospace Challenges Duggan Associates Overcomes:

In the aerospace industry, strict deadlines and delivery schedules set by clients often become more complex due to unforeseen complications that emerge during standard manufacturing or maintenance procedures. These unexpected challenges disrupt the planning, scheduling, and execution of tasks, leading to shortages in materials, tools, equipment, parts, and the necessary workforce.

Duggan Associates addresses these issues head-on by implementing advanced planning and operational excellence strategies. This approach ensures that aerospace projects can adapt to unforeseen challenges without sacrificing efficiency or deadlines, thereby maintaining the steady availability of essential resources and manpower. This solution-oriented methodology enables aerospace operations to meet and exceed client expectations, even in the face of unexpected setbacks.

What To Expect With A Duggan Engagement:

  • Reduce manufacturing and Quality lead times, achieve 100% OTD
  • Implement guaranteed turnaround times even for high mix value streams
  • Improve ability to address unexpected changes in demand
  • Deploy our Mixed Model strategy to enable single point scheduling for your facility
  • Grow your production capacity without growing your footprint or headcount
  • Create a visual flow where all team members can see and understand if we are on time to customer demand
  • Elevate production floor decision-making and accountability

NOTE: Duggan Associates is a world leader in deploying lean and Operational Excellence for MRO operations – Check out our MRO industry page.


Not sure where to start?

Start with our 2-day assessment to clarify how Operational Excellence can be deployed at your business.

What does a Duggan assessment deliver to you?

  • Determine your destination and goals as a business
  • Analyze your process and plant layout 
  • Analyze your flow of information
  • Develop your product families to define value streams

Clarify your next steps without committing to a long-term engagement with Duggan

Industry Experience

Singapore International Airlines Engineering

This company engaged Duggan Associates in 2020 to lead a lean transformation across their entire operation. This project involves over 5,000 employees offering the complete suite of MRO services to Singapore International Airlines, and other customers including Hawaiian Airlines, Scoot, Qantas. This project spans the whole operation including C-Checks, A-Checks, Planning, Billing, Transit Shops (seat repair and overhaul, cabin repair and overhaul, wheel, and brake, landing gear, engine shop, etc.). We provide training of local team members in addition to guiding implementation. Early results show lead time reductions more than 25% on 787 C-checks and A-Checks.

UTAS/Collins Aerospace/Raytheon Aerospace

Duggan Associates has worked with UTC (now Raytheon) businesses since our founding. This work has included the redesign of engine assembly lines for Pratt & Whitney, redesign of MRO facilities for Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, Hamilton Sundstrand etc. Design of new value streams in facilities such as UTAS Phoenix Electronics, Pratt & Whitney Georgia Forge, and many others. We have worked around the world for these businesses and are proud to say that all our educational material is licensed globally to the UTC ACE program and is still taught as the centerpiece of their lean program.

Our Services & Solutions

Operations development with Duggan means we train, coach, implement and manage projects with you.  

Consultants rely on technology and trends to lead the way or share ideas for you to implement on your own. They have nothing to measure and no accountability. 

Duggan sets a destination/goal, builds the project plan with you, and holds ourselves accountable for your project success.

“When we’re done with this, each employee will be able to see the flow of value to the customer and fix that flow before it breaks down.”

– Kevin Duggan  

From implementing Operational Excellence to accelerating growth company-wide, we have a proven track record of success. Some of our global clients include:

Raytheon Technologies
General Dynamics
CI Cincinnati
aetna insurance

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Answers to common questions you’re probably thinking about

  • “It’s really focused on customers; it’s focused on markets; it’s focused on strategy. Operations get times, it’s not ignored. It’s not like we don’t want to talk about it. It’s that we don’t have to talk about it.”
    Jim Miller, Vice President of Operations and Plasma Businesses at Hypertherm
  • "Tim spent three days with us to teach us Operational Excellence in the office methods, and help us apply them to one of our core value streams ... But by the third day, the team was fully sold on the ideas and extremely motivated to make the changes happen immediately. This is a credit to the OpEx methods and particularly to the way Tim taught with a no-nonsense approach, answered difficult questions, and guided the team to the future state value stream design and action plan."
    Remi Guillemette Business Processes & Continuous Improvement Manager at CAE Australia Pty Ltd
  • "I have utilized Kevin Duggan at various times over the last 15 years, first at United Technologies Corporation and now at my current company FMC Technologies. He demonstrates a very high level of competency in all things lean and Operational Excellence, is very articulate and knows how to engage an audience. With his expertise and presentation style, he has my highest recommendation for corporate training and conference keynoting!"
    John Boyd Senior Vice President Global Products at TechnipFMC

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