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“I began working with Mr. Duggan in 2002 at Sikorsky Helicopters where we applied Kevin’s value stream design and mixed model expertise to create a lean flow through our Black Hawk helicopter assembly and MRO lines.  While in the past we had used continuous improvement through local Kaizen events, Kevin’s approach was to teach us principles through formal training that would impact the end-to-end flow of material and information (the Value Stream) for the customer.  Kevin’s team worked with our front-line workers to ensure everyone understood the concepts behind our new flow and was able to implement these concepts through the back shops as well as final assembly.

Due to our success with Mr. Duggan at Sikorsky, our parent company United Technologies (now Raytheon Technologies) selected Duggan Associates to implement lean projects and provide formal lean training across all of the portfolio businesses including Pratt & Whitney, Hamilton Sundstrand, and Otis Elevator. Kevin worked directly with our chairman as well as the C-level executives, as well as middle management and shop floor personnel.

United Technologies also engaged Duggan Associates to provide a full license of Duggan Associates training material and incorporated it into our world-leading ACE program. The Duggan Associates team worked closely with our team to tailor their material to ensure a good fit and roll-out with ACE. Duggan Associates training material remains at the forefront of lean training within ACE to this day.”

“It’s really focused on customers; it’s focused on markets; it’s focused on strategy. Operations get times, it’s not ignored. It’s not like we don’t want to talk about it. It’s that we don’t have to talk about it.”

Jim Miller, Vice President of Operations and Plasma Businesses at Hypertherm

“As part of our Transformation journey, SIA Engineering Company has engaged Duggan Associates to guide us on our Lean Transformation journey to improve productivity and efficiency, enhance customer and staff experience, build organizational capabilities and strengthen continuous improvement culture. Duggan Associates’ deep technical expertise from experience in relevant industry has enabled quick wins through the deployment of Lean tools such as VSM, 5S, 3P, standard work and visual flow. Duggan Associates’ Lean concept and approach focus on high participation and buy-in, resulting in common language and ground up initiatives on the shop floor. I am very encouraged by the focus on sustainable transformation and capability building in mindset and capabilities. I thank Duggan Associates for the close partnership with leadership and proactiveness in strengthening the support.”

SVP Transformation & Technology at SIA Engineering Company

“Tim spent three days with us to teach us Operational Excellence in the office methods, and help us apply them to one of our core value streams … But by the third day, the team was fully sold on the ideas and extremely motivated to make the changes happen immediately. This is a credit to the OpEx methods and particularly to the way Tim taught with a no-nonsense approach, answered difficult questions, and guided the team to the future state value stream design and action plan.”

Remi Guillemette, Business Processes & Continuous Improvement Manager at CAE Australia Pty Ltd

“I have utilized Kevin Duggan at various times over the last 15 years, first at United Technologies Corporation and now at my current company FMC Technologies. He demonstrates a very high level of competency in all things lean and Operational Excellence, is very articulate and knows how to engage an audience. With his expertise and presentation style, he has my highest recommendation for corporate training and conference keynoting!”

John Boyd, Senior Vice President Global Products at TechnipFMC

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