The Duggan Difference: How To Build High Performance Operations In Your Company

Operational Excellence is a desirable state to reach for any company, and it’s not out of reach for any company, even those manufacturing large, expensive, time-consuming products with a complicated mix.

But what does it take to achieve Operational Excellence? Chances are you have tried a few different ways before, but things always seem to revert to their original state. 

Management consultancies tend to share information about your organization that you already seem to know, and don’t offer very specific help to implement their grand ideas. 

Lean consultants may help to improve an isolated part of a process but when your outcomes don’t improve, what’s the point? Being “leaner” doesn’t matter if it’s not improving your performance in the eyes of the customer. 

You need a way to design a system that allows your team to consistently deliver as promised to customers, without the need for management intervention. A system that sustains long after the ‘consultants’ have gone. You need a reliable and autonomous Customer Delivery System based on the principles of Operational Excellence.

The Right OpEx Deployment Feels Like Learning – Not Consulting

Instead of the endless journey of Continuous Improvement popular among many consulting firms, we’ll teach you how to define the destination for your efforts, and the design and implementation process to get there

You’ll understand where your improvement efforts will take you, how the operation will behave each day, and what each employee’s role will be. 

Then we’ll formally teach you the step-by-step process for designing seamless flow in the office or in the factory, from the supply chain to shipping and receiving, that gets you to your destination and results in a high-performance operation.  

We firmly believe that transformation depends upon formal education, so we provide training on how the concepts of flow apply in your specific environment. 

Whether you’re in the complex world of aerospace, shipbuilding, oil and gas, construction, consumer products, industrial products, pharmaceuticals or run business processes without any manufacturing, we customize our training to your products and processes. 

To achieve Operational Excellence, your team needs training that:

  • provides a destination for your efforts and a road map to get there without costly assessments and presentations
  • is based on a process and formal advanced education, and not on consultant recommendations and endless continuous improvement efforts through and Kaizen and facilitation
  • teaches design principles that can be clearly understood, applied and then applied again. The trainer should not be there to bank on the client’s ability to brainstorm. 
  • focuses on business growth and market share by implementing seamless delivery to the customer through the 8 Principles of Operational Excellence


At Duggan Associates, we’ve upended consulting. Our consultants work with clients to achieve a defined end state in practical terms that each associate (both in the office and in manufacturing) can understand and achieve in their environment. Unlike the typical approach, we don’t look to continuously improve your operation by eliminating waste and running brainstorming or Kaizen events.

Instead, we teach you an end-to-end design for material, people, and information flow using principles and guidelines that will achieve Operational Excellence – where “Each and every employee can see the flow of value to the customer and fix that flow before it breaks down.” 

The result of our consulting process? A high-performance operation that seamlessly delivers products to customers day in and day out without the need for management intervention.

This type of transformation is not dependent on good management or leadership heroics. It’s based on having a robust end-to-end process that delivers products each day seamlessly, even in the most complex environments. (Note: none of this requires any new software, nor do we sell software). 

We will teach you how to design, implement, and engage all employees to create a Customer Delivery System that will serve as the foundation for you to become a solution provider, a preferred supplier, and an innovator with your customers so you can grab market share and enable business growth.

The Result: Your Business is Designed for Operational Excellence

The result of our consulting process? A high-performance operation that seamlessly delivers products to customers day in and day out without the need for constant reactive responses from management.  Management can then devote more time to strategy and revenue generating activities!