Making the Leap: Rapid Process & Culture Change

Join us for our UK event this December!

December 6th-7th, 2023 at The Manufacturers Network

Price 1,850.00GBP or $2,300.00USD

1 Adbaston Road, Cobra Court, Trafford Park, Manchester M32 OTP United Kingdom

Renowned authors Kevin J. Duggan and Frank Devine are coming together to show the power of

a rapid leap to Operational Excellence coupled with the Rapid Mass Engagement approach to cultural change.

Frank Devine                 

Frank’s extensive experience spans 40 years of successful change management and employee engagement across diverse sectors, from major international corporations to smaller enterprises. He has effectively driven change even in challenging contexts, earning praise from Anthony Collins, Topflight’s CEO, for his adaptability. After a corporate career in companies like Shell and Unilever, Frank established a culture change consultancy in 1996. His expertise lies in cultivating employee demand for Continuous Improvement through a consensus-driven, bottom-up culture aligned with senior leadership, deepening engagement, and rapidly overcoming resistance to change.

Frank’s impact reaches renowned organizations such as Coca Cola, Rolls Royce, and Johnson & Johnson, where he trains senior leaders and internal change champions. He extends his methodologies to community engagement and fostering harmonious industrial relations. As a visiting lecturer, he contributes to culture change and leadership aspects at universities. Moreover, Frank offers executive coaching to notable firms.

As an added bonus, all event attendees will receive copies of Frank’s books at this workshop.

Kevin J. Duggan                     

The world’s leading authority on making mixed model value streams flow

Kevin is an executive mentor and recognized authority on Lean and Operational Excellence. The Duggan Associates team will lead this workshop and webinar on creating mixed model value streams and creating flow through shared resources. You may know Kevin from his 20+ years of experience and learning translated into the popular books Creating Mixed Model Value Streams, Design for Operational Excellence, and more.

As an added bonus, all event attendees will receive copies of Kevin’s books at this workshop.

duggan books operational excellence

Get Expert Training on How To:


Unlock the power of knowledge:

  • Receive Kevin J. Duggan and Frank Devine’s books as a gift for attending.
  • Get a Student Guide for easy note-taking and follow-along.

Experience transformative learning:

  • Develop invaluable skills and knowledge to revolutionize your approach.

Hands-on expertise:

  • Enhance your skills with real-life examples and live demonstrations (Day 1 of the 2-day event).
  • Embrace lightheartedness that aids in skill retention.

Engage with your business:

  • Bring in your own case studies to potentially feature in the live event workshop.
  • Work with our attendees to apply clear transformation methodologies to generate actionable solutions.

Actionable insights:

  • Walk in with challenges, and walk out with actionable plans.
  • Dive into your problems, and emerge with guidance and implementation strategies.

Challenge conventional thinking:

  • Think it won’t work for you? Bring your case study, and we’ll show you how to transform your mindset.

Design a culture of improvement:

  • Instigate a desire for progress among your employees.
  • Foster purpose-driven thoughts and actions.

 Why does change have to take forever?
December 6th-7th, 2023 | Manchester, UK

This is a two-part in-person event;  a two day event led by Frank Devine and special guest, Kevin Duggan.

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