"Gogo used Duggan consultants in a lean transformation journey in our warehousing and manufacturing operations. The Duggan team was incredible, very engaged in our transformation planning and did an outstanding job of keeping our team on task and drove adherence to the process...Phenomenal growth in our business resulted in us having manufacturing facilities that appeared to have outgrown our current facility. With the Duggan approach and planning guidance we were able to complete our transformation in 8-months. We were able to increase our productive floor space in the warehouse by 12%, increase production floor space by 50%, increase our office space by over 60% and reduce inventory by 15%."

Chuck Miles

Director, Global Customer Operations and Materials Management, Gogo

"Duggan Associates assisted us in our global implementation, providing training and guidance in both the office and in manufacturing. Working with them, we’ve seen strong results worldwide, among them a reduction of internal lead time and manufacturing WIP inventories by over 50% and a reduced lead time in the engineering department from 29 to 19 days. More powerful than these results were the teachings of the Duggan team that allowed everyone to see the flow, creating a unifying factor throughout our organization."

Bernard Goblet

CEO, Magotteaux


"GKN sees that CI Culture can only be sustained if all the leaders act as teachers and coaches in Operational Excellence. Duggan’s methods for teaching the application of lean thinking using the 8 lean guidelines and learning by doing are no doubt the best approach I have seen. All of our executives have been educated using this method for value stream design, as well as mixed model, shared resource, business process, and supply chain flow. It’s three weeks of training [for the executives] and it has been well worthwhile to our organization, as it allowed our company to progress along the roadmap to achieving Operational Excellence."

Peter Watkins

Global Lean Enterprise & Business Excellence Director, GKN


"Parker has used external training resources for years to supplement our Parker Lean System implementation. Our plants follow a structured value stream transformation process to improve business processes and reduce lead times. Throughout these transformations, specialized training resources are applied as we reach critical points in our implementation plans. To help guide us through these difficult stages, Parker has engaged Duggan Associates for advanced training. This includes Duggan’s Creating Mixed Model Value Streams class, as many of our value streams are high mix and low volume. We also utilize Duggan’s Creating Flow Through Shared Resources course to show team members proper calculations for FIFO lane implementation and how to flow through processes that are shared by multiple value streams. In addition, Parker has utilized Duggan’s online training resources to provide education to team members at our locations worldwide to supplement in-person training sessions."

Amy Harris

Corporate Lean Enterprise Manager, Parker Hannifin


"Kevin and his team were a class act and genuine experts in their field. I learned a tremendous amount of knowledge on lean and Operational Excellence from them. The Duggan team made training fun and interesting. I appreciate the time they spent with us. It was a great week."

Michael L. Mattingly, Sr.

Vice President, Human Resources, Hoeganaes Corporation


"I was first introduced to Duggan Associates after hearing Kevin Duggan speak about Operational Excellence at a conference. Kevin’s deep knowledge and charisma was evident in his ability to keep his audience captive for three hours! I was able to take the information from Kevin’s presentation back to my company and kick-start our lean journey the next day. We were able to apply Kevin’s principles of Operational Excellence and see bottom-line results within weeks!


Since then, we've used Duggan Associates for our training and guidance in implementation, which has greatly accelerated our journey to Operational Excellence. I’d recommend using Duggan Associates to help drive bottom-line results quickly in any operation."


Rana Das

Vice President, Wood Group Turbopower, LLC

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