Results that Deliver

By utilizing lean principles to achieve Operational Excellence, Duggan Associates helps clients meet both operational and financial performance goals. Below are sample results our clients have achieved using our methodology.


Lean Manufacturing Results

Lead time reduction averaging 60%

Inventory reduction between 40-70%

WIP reduction averaging 70%

Required manufacturing space reduced by 50%

Turnaround time reduced by 70%

Increased productivity by 40-75%


Lean Office Results

Reduced quote lead time by 80%

Reduced authorization process time by 70%

Guaranteed turnaround times for customer requests






Operational Excellence Top-Line Business Results

Growth at 3x the market average

Increased revenue by 162% by developing new products and entering new markets

Increased time spent on innovation by 125% and doubled the amount of new products in development


Operational Excellence Case Study

Made in America, Sold worldwide

One example of a company that has leveraged lean principles to achieve these results – and more – with Operational Excellence is Hypertherm. At Hypertherm, a privately held company located in Hanover, New Hampshire, Operational Excellence is simply the way it does business. It has achieved self-healing flow and has virtually no management for a 600-plus associate production staff. It has even eliminated the need for a production control department. With so many resources freed up by Operational Excellence, Hypertherm has focused its efforts almost entirely on business growth. The results:


With 1,300+ associates, it has never had a layoff in its 40+ year history

95% of the supply chain is located within 200 miles of Hanover, NH

60% of its products are sold outside the US, including 24% to low-cost countries

With no production control department, orders flow directly to the value streams

Uses local labor from the Hypertherm Technical Training Institute, an on-campus technical school that  trains people with no previous manufacturing experience to become machinists

Constructed a new, state-of-the-art, green manufacturing facility

For five years, was voted one of the best medium-sized companies to work for in the United States

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operational excellence defined

"when each and every employee can see the flow of value to the customer and fix that flow before it breaks down"


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