The Duggan Difference

At Duggan Associates, we take traditional lean training further with advanced courses, academic resources, and hands-on support to transform the way global organizations operate, at every level, in every area from complex manufacturing environments to the office. The result? An evolution from continuous improvement to continuous business growth through achieving Operational Excellence.


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Visit our resources page for articles, books, videos and more on how to leverage lean principles that achieve Operational Excellence and sustained business growth. Browse by topic such as lean office, manufacturing or supply chain. Or search by industry, including medical devices, metal casting or aviation. Our resources page is the perfect way delve into our methodology to achieve OpEx.


Training and Consulting

Our consultants work with clients ranging from smaller manufacturing, medical and financial organizations to Fortune 500 businesses in multiple industries. In addition to guiding companies in implementing lean, Duggan Associates provides unique training courses for employees at all levels in the organization. Our approach enables any organization to achieve OpEx in months – not years.


Kevin Duggan's OpEx Webinar Now Available On Demand

On March 27 Kevin Duggan held a webinar for WTG Events on achieving an autonomous value stream flow. During this event, titled “OpEx Beyond the Buzzword,” Kevin discussed the eight principles of Operational Excellence and techniques for aligning corporate strategy, objectives and tactics with OpEx initiatives. Please click here to view the webinar.

The Institute for Operational Excellence will hold a four-day course on Advanced Value Stream Design in Boston, Massachusetts, that will help attendees evolve their lean program to achieve Operational Excellence. The event, which is designed for everyone from business owners and CEOs to operations personnel and those who work in office environments, will teach attendees how to achieve Operational Excellence and improve their top and bottom line through five classes: Achieving OpEx for Real Business Results, Value Stream Design for Operational Excellence, Creating Mixed Model Value Streams, Creating Flow Through Shared Resources, and Value Stream Flow in the Office for OpEx. To learn more visit the event's website here.




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operational excellence defined: "when each and every employee can see the flow of value to the customer and fix that flow before it breaks down" quick link: Institute for Operational Excellence  SM